Divinely Disqualified…Or So He Thought.

Driven By Dreams

“I’m no good at this…” He sighed to himself. He tried imagining it a different way, maybe going in his favor. Working out. But he quickly laughed that thought away cynically. He’d failed before. Too many times to count. He had experienced plenty of failed relationships. A plethora of ‘unlucky’ events.  Every thought of accomplishment was overshadowed by thoughts of past struggles. Present struggles. Turning over to future struggles.

What would work out a midst all that…struggle?

“Nothing much.” he told himself.

Whispers of old faults fogged his thoughts. Things once left forgotten. Battles once left won. They all crept back in a moment.

He’d practiced smiling anyways. He never lost all hope. He held it inside a vault, deep inside his head. People noticing it would just be more trouble for him. Besides, he didn’t know how to convey such emotion, the overpowering doubt. His heart weighed down by…

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Love Is…

Driven By Dreams

God IS love. God IS infinite.

1 Corinthians Ch. 13 tells us what love is. What love does. That love is the greatest.
Love is patient. Infinitely patient.
Love is kind. Infinitely kind.
Love keeps no record of wrong.

Just like we can hardly begin to comprehend just how insanely much God loves us, we can hardly begin to comprehend just how patient and kind and forgiving and strong LOVE is. Faith, hope, and love will last forever. But love is the greatest.

We either say we know what love is and what love does and only accept that;
or we say we can’t truly grasp the concept of love cause we’re too stupid so we go making crazy characteristics for love because it’s God, so it has to be something we’ll never understand, right??

We could always just study 1 Corinthians 13 and say that THAT’S love. It’s only…

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A Letter To Myself.

A message I wish I’d understood a lot sooner:

Dear Aaron,

Improvement will always be a good change. No matter how old you get, there is always room for improvement; to better one’s self, to learn, to grow. It’s a process that lasts our whole lives. We never reach a point where it’s okay to say, “I’ve reached perfection. I don’t need to improve my character. I know all there is to know. I’ve learned all I can.”

That’d make you God.

But there’s no shame in this process. It’s not something to discourage you. It’s actually quite encouraging. And rewarding. We beat ourselves up so much when we mess up. It can be the smallest thing. But we automatically go to that place where we’re a failure, or we’re just a screwed up person being stupid. But here are the facts.

You’re going to mess up sometimes. Say or do the wrong thing. Screw up on a project that’s important. Think you’ve learned it all about a certain area, only to discover you don’t know nearly half. Accidentally hurt someone. Purposely hurt someone in your anger. Sat down when you were meant to stand up for something.

But you know what? I’ve made all those mistakes too. And it’s okay.

You’re not a failure for not having everything in life down pat. Your mistakes do not define you. Learn from them. But don’t torture yourself by replaying them in your head and letting it define your future. You’re still learning. You’re still growing. You’ve got so much life ahead. God has a destiny and purpose for you. And there will be plenty of seasons and successes and mistakes to learn from on the way.

Happiness is a choice. Feelings will tell you to be depressed. Lies will try and take root in your mind. But you must take hold of truth. What the people who love you and encourage you and speak into your life; believe that. Believe what God has spoken into your life.

Don’t give up on dreams because every person in your life isn’t excited or supportive of them; or because you meet road blocks and obstacles along the way.

Be yourself. You’re the only you around. Stop trying to be cooler, or trendier, or funnier. None of those are bad things but you should be you. Not everyone has the same sense of style or humor. But you’ll find friends who appreciate and relate to yours. God already does. He put those things in you. Your incredibly unique and valuable. You can’t love others when you’re too busy hating yourself. So be confident.

Last but not least, don’t take God or the friends & family in your life who truly care about you for granted. Be a real, true friend right back. God’s got your back. Always trust him. He will blow.your.mind. You’re never really alone when you’ve got him.

So relax, smile, and go enjoy life.


Your happier self.

For the Weirdos, by the Weirdo.

I have breaking news. Sit down. I know you’re the type to stand while they’re on the computer, but please…sit down. Ok. Ready?

Im weird.

“:0! No! You’re not! Don’t say that! You poor soul.”

Yes. I am. Ready for part II?

I like it.

“0.0 stop it…it’s too much. I need a breather.”

Why shouldn’t I? God made me a unique person who is in fact quite weird! We all are! If you think you’re ALL normal, you’ve been foolin’.

We all have our different personality qwerks. Our bubbly outgoingness. Our shy but secretly crazy-ness. Our goofball thoughts.

Why be afraid to be different? Why be afraid of who you are? Why are we hiding behind masks of those we consider to be “real.” Why do we fight to accept ourselves? Why do we pretend to be people we aren’t? Why should we chase after popularity like that’s what defines us? Like that’s what validates us?

If you only could shove down those weird parts of you…maybe people would accept you. Maybe they’d love you more. But…why in the world would you want people to love a shell of who you’re meant to be? Then again, if we don’t like the person in the mirror, why should we wish anyone else to?

Simple. Because you were beautifully made by a loving God in HIS image who loves that person to pieces. If you could see the smile on his face the moment you were made, it’d change everything.

We’re masterpiece paintings painted by the very best. We’re all different. We’re all unique. And it’s awesome! Who the crap wants to be a carbon copy of the person in front of you in line? You were created with a purpose in mind and only YOU can fill those shoes. Only YOU can live your life. Only YOU can go after dreams God breathed into you. He made every part of you. Even the parts that may seem rough around the edges to you. It’s true staying true to who you are is scary sometimes. It’s a challenge. It’d be easier to conform. Be someone else.

But perfect love casts out all fear. Remember who made you and how much He loves ya. Why be fake when we can be something real. Original. Sure you’re weird. Welcome to the club! We can’t live life afraid of our personalities. Afraid of what others will think. They aren’t the ones being you. That’s YOUR job! And it should be a fun one! So stop hiding from your own shadow, and be who you were made to be. Cause they’re way more lovable, fun, and real then you could ever imagine. 🙂

GroundHogs Day…

Today is the day! You know what I’m talkin’ bout! We either get an early spring(everyone is rooting for this one. Except for all of you demented frostbite lovers. Yeah… YOU.), or six more weeks of the Alaskan Tundra. Now I don’t know about you, but I LOVE summer. And spring. Warm weather. If it has anything to do with warmth and fun and sun…count me in. This winter in Michigan, I kid you not, has given me real life training for living in Alaska. Yes. THAT cold. I know what you’re thinking. 
“This kid exaggerates like no other.”
Darn right I do!! Who’d read this if all I said was, “Oh my. This winter…it was cold. I had to don my winter coat. Ho ha. And snow boots.” <.< …..No.

Anyways…I’m ranting. So today, we put the future seasons…in the hands…of a groundhog.
A groundhog. This animal’s been hibernating through the cold! He’s been down in the earth in a warm bed and pajamas and a fire, and we’re letting him tell us whether we get an early spring or not! Based on his shadow. Does a groundhog know what the crap a shadow is? And how does he communicate this?? Thumbs up if we’re in the clear, thumbs down if the next ice age is coming?? How is this fair?! He’s a furry creature that probably didn’t even want to get up today! He wakes up on the wrong side of the bed and we’re finished!
“What do these people want? Waking me up again. I was dreaming of my furry female. Now they want ME to come up and humor them…ho ho…they’re getting 8 weeks of winter this year.”

….Yeah. I guess since our meteorologists can’t even warn us when it’s going to rain, our last option is the groundhog. Just be glad he chose spring this year. Unless you enjoy icicles forming on your nose after three seconds of outdoor exposure. Then I’m sorry…you need to move Alaska. Or Michigan. It’s the same thing.

Water Parks, Joy, & Free Falling.

Hello all! It’s been awhile. Too long. I’ve missed ranting on my blog and having a jolly ol’ time. Haha. So get ready. Cause this one’s gonna be…a whirlpool of fun. Or terror. Mainly terror.

I have another fear, aside from escalators(hard to believe, I know). I’m even more afraid of this than escalators in fact. Yeah, it’s THAT serious. It’s…heights.

Ever since I was a wee lad, heights were not something I enjoyed being around. Ever. Being somewhere high and looking down…that’s like looking death in the face and waving. And whenever I’m by an edge or railing, I have an un-rational(I got a red squiggly line for that little hyphen set up, but I don’t think it knows I don’t care if that’s not right) fear that someone is going to push me over. Right? It’s not like I travel with people who wanna push me over railings. So heights and me…we’re like puzzle pieces from different puzzles. I’m from one of those six piece puzzles.. and Heights is from one of those epic 3,000,000,000 piece 3D puzzles that take 7 years and 3 months of sleepless nights to put together.

SO!…a few years ago, I found myself at a water park. Kalahari(YES!!! I spelled it right. Boss) to be exact. It’s in Ohio. If you haven’t been there, you probably don’t like water. Or have a way cooler one by you cause you’re so cool. Haha. Anyways, that’s where I was. It’s an indoor water park. And it was pretty cool. I like swimming. It’s chill. But at this water park, like all of em I’m sure, there was a ride. A water tunnel that you ride a giant donut(listen spell correct! I don’t spell it “doughnut”. Just no!)  tube down. And we were going to ride it. And we had to climb a stairway that was like 100 steps up into the ceiling. You could not imagine my exuberant joy and anticipation at the moment we reached the top. As the four of us stood in line, I observed this massive tube. It had a dark entrance, similar to a cave,  and then I could see that it went outside of the building and then down back into the building. How comforting.
Sooner then I had wished, it was our turn. So the employees put our giant donut tube in the area of the entrance and held it in the water as we positioned ourselves on the tube. I purposely put myself in the spot that was facing the tunnel. Cause going backwards…who does that?

The moment came…
We were moving towards the downfall…
I held my breath. “I can do this. I saw the people come out at the bottom. They weren’t bleeding to death.”
Almost there…. “Wait…what the heck? Oh crap…no…no…”
The tube started turning. And turning…till right before we went down the tunnel…my back was now turned to it.
Why me?? Of all the people that to happen too…me. NOT the person who has extreme bliss at the thought of going down backwards. The guy who is about to pee himself. Have you ever been on a roller coaster? You know how you go down one slope and your like butt off the seat free falling? Imagine that feeling except your going down a dark water filled tunnel. Backwards. At an angle that shouldn’t be legal. I was certain I was going to hit my head and die. Certain. My last thoughts were something like “Holy crap I’m gonna die. I’m such a baby for being scared right now. Everyone else is going ‘Woo hoo!’ But they’re not going backwards. Here comes my death.” (I don’t actually remember what I thought but my awesome pal decided that’s most likely what I thought. And it’s most likely true.)

Fortunately, I didn’t die. I don’t know how, but I survived. The first part. When you fall down the tube you are then inside of this MASSIVE bowl. I mean massive. And the water is swirling around it and you go around a few times until you reach the hole at the bottom that spits you into a pool at like 200 miles per hour. So I was safe yet. As we came out of the tunnel and into the bowl, I was joyous to find myself alive, but I had slipped a bit, so my bottom was touch the surface of the bowl. Great. Now I was gonna get sucked under the tube and run over and spit out alone. I frantically lifted myself to avoid such horrors and held myself like that till we were shot out of the bowl and we all fell off the tube and into the pool.

Now I was content to stay on the bottom level of the park. You know, hit the wave pool, the heated water maybe. If anyone suggested another trip up to the death ride, I was not in. So I spent the rest of my time there, in general safety. Until the next day…when I found myself at Cedar Point.

A park…full of rides that took you into the sky…and threw you back down at the ground. I was quite certain that I hadn’t died at the water park so I could die at Cedar Point. One of the first rides we went on was the Gemini. Now some of you may not think that one’s a big deal…but your wrong. That ride is rough man! It throws you from side to side like play dough! I’m pretty sure you can lose limbs on the ride if you stick them out. Pretty darn sure. On the rise I was like, “Uhm. Shouldn’t we be going down by now?” Cars in the parking lot were getting smaller. And that’s not even the highest one in the park. But I’m terrified of heights. I was freaking. out. I don’t know that I’ve ever been happier to put my feet in the ground than after that ride.

All in all though, it was fun. I was dumb enough to go on the craziest rides. Cause I wanted to keep my food in the confines of my stomach. I didn’t wanna have a heart attack going on The Dragster. The people who built that ride…..

What the crap is wrong with you?! It goes 120 miles per hour in like 3 seconds! And then…straight up like 400 feet. Straight. It’s not a gradual rise. It’s just like bam! Level with the ground-going to outer space! Then!!….at the top…you twist around…pause for a second…and straight. back. down. Whaa???? You think that’s a thrill??? Like…where…why…I mean…who…. o.O ….. And people LOVE it. ….. O.o ……
“Dude!!!  Best ride ever! Let’s go again!! Hands up all the way this time!!”
“Yeah bro!!!!!”
._. Sorry peeps. Not this guy. This guy…wants to live.

So yeah. That’s my fear of heights. I’ve got plenty more stories on it, but I think I’ve already written like 3,000 words. So I’ll give ya’ll a break. Time to regain your composure from those terrifying tales. Or stop laughing at me. Haha. Gosh! This squiggly lines! Ya’ll is a word. Spell correct must have a blast in the south. Red lines in every sentence. Oh wait…that’s what happens in MY blog… and haha??? That’s laughing. Whatever man…whatever.

Cactuses, Tumble Weeds, and Prickly…Newspapers???

So…I’m convinced, thoroughly, that my klutziness disguises itself as bad luck.
I was just minding my own business at Kroger, you know, shopping. Being a normal consumer. Looking at food, and wanting to eat it all. And all of the sudden I found myself at checkout. I thought I’d be goofy and pick up a newspaper whilst my friend checked the stuff out and act like I wasn’t gonna help. That must’ve been where I went wrong…
I picked up a random newspaper. And after about 1 second…BAM!
“Ouch! Dang it!” My friend looks at me. “What?”
“It pricked me!!”
“It…pricked you?”
“Yeah! Look! There’s little pokey things in my finger!”
They were like little cactus pokers. Really? How the crap do cactus-like prickly things get on a grocery store newspaper by checkout?! Out of ALL the things it could’ve been! Stinking. Prickly. Things. It couldn’t have been some applesauce from a hungry little squirt. Or a piece of gum left by some…person who needs to learn about hygiene. NO! It was pokers! On a, a newspaper!!!! I know. It doesn’t add up to me either.
There were three that were big enough to see. But it felt like there were ten more that I couldn’t see. All the way home, grabbing items was a chance to bug the “pricklers”, as I have chosen to call the little buggers.
But…I do have a theory. Wanna hear it? Thought so.

A man, from the wild, wild west, rode into Michigan. It was a long and hard journey. On this lengthy and dusty quest, his gloved hand came into contact with a vicious bit of cactus. And being a rough necked westerner(no offense westerners), he ignored it, as if it he had run into a couple mosquitoes. He halted his horse at a Kroger in the frost-bitten St. Clair Shores. He had to restock I’m guessing. For his return journey. And while he was waiting in checkout he saw a headline that peaked his interest. “Runaway Wild Horses.” What upstanding cowboy could ignore a headline like that. That would be like me saying I had no interest in jalapeno Cheetos. It just doesn’t happen.
So our cowboy picks up the paper, reads the article, and puts it back on the rack. Leaving behind his dastardly cactus pricklers behind, waiting to assault my fingers like mini ninjas. The nerve! He could’ve at least bought the paper since it interested him so! But no! He picks it up and leaves it all prickly, while walking merrily out of the store. Little knowing he’d ruin a young boys night. Gee whiz! He could’ve at least left an apology note. “Sorry I got my stinking prickly ninjas all over this newspaper.” No…he just leaves.

It could’ve been anything. But it had to be pricklers from some western cacti. I’ll never pick up another newspaper as long as I live. Who knows how many cowboys come to good ol’ Michigan to leave their devious little prickler ninjas all over. Clearly, said cowboys need to learn some proper Kroger mannerisms.
Anyways, I need to go soak my cactified fingers before they spread all over my room…If you go to Kroger in St. Clair Shores…DON’T READ THE NEWSPAPER.